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  1. THE TWO PREACHERS (6 Oct 17) With 127,258 YouTube subscribers they are the only religious people who feature videos about the results of Global Warming that i know of. So if you can get past the religious aspect of their videos, if that is a concern to you - then you can view a lot of devastation caused by hurricanes and other such natural disasters. I always enjoy seeing their latest material and so do a lot of other people whether you are religious or not.

    ►Reza Afshar and Chris Bridgen (Friends) known as "The Two Preachers" servants of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. We would dearly love to be a full time ministry, monthly partners will make this possible, Thank you all so much for your support, we really, really appreciate it - God Bless you. Love to hear from you - Contact us: Join us @◄
  2. Alex Smith RADIO ECOSHOCK   Billed as "91 Radio Stations and Growing!". This website specializes in educating people about current events in climate change & other issues affecting the human condition like Peak Oil and environmental damage to the earth.

    ►Alex Smith is the Host of the syndicated weekly Radio Ecoshock Show – the cutting edge with top scientists, authors and activists. It is in it's Tenth year on the air as of 2016. Alex Smith was previously a researcher for a global environment group, print journalist, homesteader, world-traveler, and private investigator. Latest science, authors, issues – from climate change, oceans, forests, pollution, Peak Oil, the economy, and peace. Material is Ready for re-broadcast, computer, iPod, or mp3 player. As heard on over 90 radio stations. Contact Alex at or by using the website contact form. For the past years I've funded Radio Ecoshock from my pocket. Now downloads and costs have increased. I need your help to keep going.◄
  3. Gathers information about earth's frozen regions NATIONAL SNOW & ICE DATA CENTER   This website specializes in advancing knowledge of Earth's frozen regions. NSIDC manages and distributes scientific data, creates tools for data access, supports data users, performs scientific research, and educates ADULT DIAPERS the public about the cryosphere. Picture on the right is of the Arctic Sea Ice Extent August 12, 2016.

    ►The National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) supports research into our world's frozen realms: The snow, ice, glaciers, frozen ground, and climate interactions that make up Earth’s cryosphere. NSIDC manages and distributes scientific data, creates tools for data access, supports data users, performs scientific research, and educates the public about the cryosphere. Our data management professionals and scientists work with data providers and users to create or publish data products, tools, and resources. We work to ensure that past, present, and future science data remain accessible for studying the Earth and its climate. Scientists at NSIDC specialize in remote sensing of snow and ice, Arctic climate, frozen ground, ice sheets, glaciers, and more. Our researchers use the data products we offer, helping us better serve our research communities. NSIDC began in 1976 as an analog archive and information center, the World Data Center for Glaciology. Since then, NSIDC has evolved to manage cryosphere-related data ranging from the smallest text file to terabytes of remote sensing data from NASA's Earth Observing System satellite program.◄
  4. Doomstead Diner DOOMSTEAD DINER   Here's a popular website that discusses a wide variety of economic and weather related topics.

    ►Welcome to the Doomstead Diner! Here you will find a great hub for discussion and information pertaining to the ongoing Economic Collapse of the Industrial Economy. DD is the result of the last 5 years of research and debate we have been engaged in on many other boards, including the Reverse Engineering Yahoo Group, where the founding members of this board all come from.
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    There are many great sources of information out there still, good Blogs and a few good message boards as well. Here at the DD, our goal is to bring together all the information we can to assist in planning for the world to come. Blogs and Message Boards both have their limitations, so to overcome them we have integrated both formats into this website. All the posts made on our Blog are mirrored inside the database of the Message Board, and are categorized for easier research of older posting. We have enabled HTML and Photo and Video embedding for any member who posts up inside the message board area, so you can compose your own articles complete with all the multimedia you would like to include in the body of the article. This takes some playing around with, but we will have an FAQ section here to answer questions on how you do this.◄
  5. Julie Generic - Weather Whip WEIRD WEATHER   Just recently discovered this website or facebook group. This site(s) is managed by a lady named "Julie Generic" and i call her a lady "Weather Whip" because she whips us all in line with what is going on with the weird weather plus she throws in some volcanic activity too. She really reveals some great on-the-ground happenings that are not featured in other forms of media but should be spot lighted; like the crop reductions in Canada which i did not know about. Please visit this no holds barred site for some good info.

    ►I'm adamant about sources that are posted here. daily mail, dutchsince, zerohedge, alex jones, before it's news, SO, sott, mox news, huffpo, etc. are VERBOTEN. also, topic is extreme weather and climate change. if you don't like my rules, go find another group. i've spent years learning how to research and post from valid sources, and none of those are. posts will be removed and repeat violations will result in the removal of the group member.◄
  6. Earth Policy Institute Homepage EARTH POLICY INSTITUTE   Well, i know for a fact that this organization has been around for a long time. I think my first exposure to them was from the Mother Earth News back in the good old days. I am sure there is a tremendous amount of useful information on this website linked to here, but as for myself, my own unprofessional opinion is that it is "Game Over" for sustainability on the earth for everyone on the planet. Too many major changes need to be made by very large groups of people before anything sustainable can be achieved. But, in spite of my negative opinion "Earth Policy Institute" is a quality information center for those of you interested.

    ►LESTER R. BROWN, founder and President of Earth Policy Institute, has been described by the Washington Post as "one of the world's most influential thinkers" and as "the guru of the global environmental movement" by The Telegraph of Calcutta. The author of numerous books, including Full Planet, Empty Plates: The New Geopolitics of Food Scarcity, chapters, articles, etc., he helped pioneer the concept of environmentally sustainable development. His principal research areas include food, population, water, climate change, and renewable energy. The recipient of scores of awards and honorary degrees, he is widely sought as a speaker. In 1974, he founded Worldwatch Institute, of which he was President for its first 26 years. As President, he launched the World Watch Papers, the Worldwatch/Norton books, the annual State of the World, World Watch magazine, the annual Vital Signs, and the Institute's News Briefs. For relaxation, Lester runs.◄
  7. AMEG Logo ARCTIC METHANE EMERGENCY GROUP   "The fall-off in ice volume is so fast that it is going to bring us to zero very quickly. 2015 is a very serious prediction and i think i am pretty much persuaded that that's when it will happen." This seems to be a pretty good site which monitors activity in the arctic on a daily basis. Even as i write this listing - something has happened in the Beaufort Sea north of Alaska.

    Amazon Grocery Deals ►Regarding global climate change - as goes the Arctic so goes the Earth. Our mission is PROTECTION. Our mission is to warn the world that the Arctic and the Earth are in a state of dire emergency and that only immediate drastic action can save us from catastrophe. We have no time left. This planet Earth is a sacred trust we hold for all future generations of humanity and all species. We must respond. Our mission is to see that the Arctic is cooled to prevent the loss of the Arctic summer sea ice and its vital cooling albedo effect on the planet. AMEG declares there now exists an extremely high international security risk of acute climate disruption followed potentially by runaway global warming. The collapse of Arctic sea ice will change the reflective properties of the Arctic from 90% reflection of the sun’s rays to a 90% absorber of the sun’s energy. A vicious cycle of Arctic warming started between twenty and thirty years ago, when currents from the Atlantic and Pacific, warmed by greenhouse gases, carried their extra heat into the Arctic to initiate an accelerating decline in sea ice and increase in Arctic temperatures. Extra heat has gone into the shallow seas over the continental shelf, warming them all the way to the seabed, with the potential of causing widespread destabilization of methane hydrates and free gas contained in the permafrost cap, and greatly enhancing global warming. Incidental reports of increasing marine methane emissions are ominous signs that this process has already started. Rapid warming of the Arctic has already led to a disruption in the normal weather of the Northern Hemisphere, leading to widespread crop failures and societal disruptions which now threaten the existence of our civilization. This existential threat demands of us that we cooperate on an immediate emergency-scale response in order to cool the Arctic and save the sea ice. There was a dramatic collapse of the sea ice this summer, and without action this collapse will be complete in one to three years (by 2015).◄
  8. THE CHURCH OF STOP SHOPPING   Believe it or not this website linked to here is about reducing the causes of Global Warming. This organization based in the US feel strongly that "Consumerism" is the main culprit in the changing weather patterns. Even though they are a very entertaining group of people, i personally wished they would include in their repertoire the real cause of climate change which i believe is simply a matter of too many people (over-population) not just consumerism.

    ►The "Church of Stop Shopping" is a New York City based radical performance community, with 50 performing members and a congregation in the thousands. They are wild anti-consumerist gospel shouters, earth loving urban activists who have worked with communities on 4 continents defending land, life and imagination from reckless development and the extractive imperatives of global capital. They employ multiple tactics and creative strategies, including cash register exorcisms, retail interventions, cell phone operas combined with grass roots organizing and media activism. They are entertainers and artists, performing regularly throughout The US and Europe. Since 1999 their project has expanded from a one-man performance artist preaching against consumerism in Times Square to a 40-person choir and 5-person band with dozens of original songs, a critically acclaimed stage show, a major motion picture and multiple media platforms. Our performance community hails from all over the US and the world. We are all ages, races and sexes. Together we have demonstrated commitment to educating people about ever expanding commercialism and the over-consumption it demands. We maintain that consuming less is a critical, immediate step individuals can take toward halting the climate crisis. We use theatrical forms to build a surprisingly moving, powerful critique of economic systems and environmental practices and instill a sense of responsibility in our audiences, leading them to simple actions they can take immediately (committing to ride their bike once a week, calling on elected officials or picking up trash in their local park) and others that require more work and cooperativity (defending a community garden, mobilizing a divestment or a boycott).◄
  9. Climate Central CLIMATE CENTRAL   This is a very nice website. Lots of pictures and good information. They cover all aspects of current weather phenomenon like heat waves, sea level rise, hurricanes, global warming and other related subject matter. Picture on the right is of "Hurricane Sandy".

    ►Mission Statement: To communicate the science and effects of climate change to the public and decision-makers, and inspire Americans to support action to stabilize the climate, prepare for impacts of climate change, or some combination of the two. What We Do: Climate Central conducts scientific research on climate change and informs the public of key findings. Our public outreach is informed by our own scientific research and that of other leading climate scientists. Our scientists publish, and our journalists report on climate science, energy, impacts such as sea level rise, climate change attribution and related topics. Climate Central is not an advocacy organization. We do not lobby, and we do not support any specific legislation, policy or bill. Climate Central is a certified 501(c)3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization.◄
  10. Moms Air Force Logo MOMS CLEAN AIR FORCE   This is a little different in that it is an organization representing mostly women with children and their concern for a healthier environment. Billed as an organization: "Fighting For Our Kids Health". There are lots of good environmental articles included on the website. This is an action group of people who are trying to make things better for everyone.

    ►Led by co-founder and senior director Dominique Browning, Moms Clean Air Force is national movement of more than 80,000 moms — and dads too! — who are protecting our children's right to clean air — just as our parents fought for us, forty years ago, when the Clean Air Act was first passed. Learn more today >> Rallying that incredible force of moms and dads every day is our family of bloggers and grassroots field team, starting up state chapters to take our mission to local communities. And on the national stage, our leadership circle amplifies those grassroots voices to make sure Congress gets the message. We are here to tell Washington: Listen to your moms. We share the air—and we want it clean. Moms Clean Air Force is a special project of the Environmental Defense Fund, which provides funding.◄
  11. DESDEMONA DESPAIR   There is not any "about" information listed on this website, but i guess the pictures and sub-text tell what the website is about. Desdemona Despair says it's: "Blogging the End of the World™". And, "Desdemona Despair is the clearinghouse for all of the very worst news about the future of life on Earth, such as global warming, climate change, deforestation, overfishing, acidification, oil spills, resource depletion, drought, pollution, overpopulation, dead zones, mass extinction, and doom". This is an excellent site because it brings all the special events together in one place for viewing, and in my opinion this gives a person a much better picture of what is happening in the world than articles scattered here & there and buried in some newspaper or magazine. He seems to just present the facts of what is happening and you the viewer can make up your own mind as to whether there is a problem or not. People interested in receiving regular updates of this very well done blog can subscribe via an RSS feed which is available on the website. Video on the right is of Jim Galasyn the site owner giving a presentation at a church which asked him to visit and give a talk, very interesting.

    ►A sample of his material is like this: BANGKOK (AP) – Thailand's record floods encroached deeper into the capital Friday, swamping a major intersection in the northern edge of the city center and threatening the subway system. The water from the country's worst flooding in more than half a century was filling Bangkok's Lad Phrao intersection, where three major roads meet. Office towers, condominiums and a popular shopping mall are in the area, where local media say the water is 15 inches deep. The intersection is just down the street from the famed Chatuchak Weekend Market, a key tourist attraction. Three stations in Bangkok's subway system are being closely monitored but are still open. Steel barriers have been put around the underground stations in recent weeks to protect against possible inundation. The flooding, which started in the country's north in late July and has killed almost 450 people nationwide, has been spreading across Bangkok's north and west for more than a week. The government has asked residents in eight of the city's 50 districts to evacuate. Residents in several other districts have been warned that they should be ready to leave. The water has yet to reach the city's central business district.◄
  12. Website Home Page Sneak Peak NATURE BATS LAST   Lots of good essays and information on survival and present social conditions. Theme: "Humans have tinkered with the natural world since we appeared on the evolutionary stage. Our days may be numbered: As the home team, Nature Bats Last."

    ►This blog focuses on the natural world, with a particular emphasis on the twin sides of our fossil-fuel addiction: (1) global climate change and (2) energy decline. Because these phenomena impact every aspect of life on Earth, specific topics range widely, and include philosophy, evolution, economics, humanity, politics, current events, and many aspects of the human condition. Guy McPherson is professor emeritus at the University of Arizona. You can learn about him at his university website.◄
  13. ASPO-USA Website Sneak Peak ASPO-USA   This appears to me to be a very good organization to support. Keep in mind though that i am a consumer/pedestrian and know nothing about what is really happening with the world energy situation. There are a lot of you out there who can decide for yourself the value of this organization. But it looks good to me on the surface.

    ►It took the Titanic less than three hours to sink. In the first half hour after the Titanic struck the iceberg, only a few people knew the extent of the damage and potential consequences, but the fact that this was not widely recognized didn't mean the ship wasn't sinking. By the last half hour, before the ship sunk beneath freezing waters, it was readily apparent to everyone that the ship was sinking,
    but in many cases, far too late to reach the lifeboats. Given the tsunami of energy misinformation in the media right now, ASPO-USA's role in providing accurate analysis of our domestic and global energy situation has never been more important. Therefore, ASPO-USA is launching a series of monthly webinar programs, where members and donors will have the opportunity to see and hear presentations by distinguished speakers, such as Art Berman, who will be giving two presentations, one on shale gas plays and one on the developing oil plays in shale formations like the Bakken and Eagle Ford. Energy misinformation threatens to swamp our economy, and to leave businesses, institutions and individuals unprepared for what is to come. We need honest, impartial assessments of our energy future from experts who understand the data and what it means going forward. We believe that this format will provide a critically important service to ASPO-USA members and to the country, and we plan to focus not only on analysis of our energy situation, but also on discussions of responses to Peak Oil that go well beyond the usual rearranging of the deck chairs.◄
  14. US Drought Monitor website Sneak Peak US DROUGHT MONITOR   This specialized site focuses on drought conditions only in the United States. There is also a Canadian, US & Mexican monitor called "The North America Drought Monitor (NADM)". Click here to visit site.

    ►Tracking drought blends science and art. No single definition of drought works for all circumstances, so people rely on drought indices to detect and measure droughts. But no single index works under all circumstances, either. That's why we need the Drought Monitor, a synthesis of multiple indices and impacts, that represents a consensus of federal and academic scientists. The product will be refined over time as we find ways to make it better reflect the needs of decision-makers and others who use the information. For more information about the science or impacts of drought, please visit the National Drought Mitigation Center's web site. The data cutoff for Drought Monitor maps is Tuesday at 7AM Eastern Standard Time. The maps, which are based on analysis of the data, are released each Thursday at 8:30AM Eastern Time.◄
  15. Nasa Global Climate Change GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE   A very nice website featuring "Vital Signs of the Planet". Global Climate Change is produced by the Earth Science Communications Team at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory/California Institute of Technology.

    ►In 2004, NASA's spending on climate science exceeded all other Federal agencies, combined. NASA spent $1.3 billion on climate science that year, out of a $1.9 billion total. The agency provides information on solar activity, sea level rise, the temperature of the atmosphere and the oceans, the state of the ozone layer, air pollution, and changes in sea ice and land ice. NASA scientists regularly appear in the mainstream press as climate experts. So how did the space agency end up taking such a big role in climate science? When NASA was first created by the National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958, it was given the role of developing technology for "space observations", but it wasn't given a role in Earth science. The agency's leaders embedded the technology effort in an Earth Observations program centered at the new Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, in the US. It was an "Applications" program, in NASA-speak. Other agencies of the federal government were responsible for carrying out Earth science research: The Weather Bureau (now the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration or NOAA) and the US Geological Survey (USGS). The Applications program signed cooperative agreements with these other agencies that obligated NASA to develop observational technology while NOAA and the USGS carried out the scientific research. The Nimbus series of experimental weather satellites and the Landsat series of land resources satellites were the result of the Applications program. This Applications model of cross-agency research failed during the 1970s, though, due to the bad economy and an extended period of high inflation. Congress responded by cutting the budgets of all three agencies, leaving NOAA and the USGS unable to fund their part of the arrangement and putting pressure on NASA, too. At the same time, congressional leaders wanted to see NASA doing more research towards "National needs". These needs were things like energy efficiency, pollution, ozone depletion and climate change. In 1976, Congress revised the Space Act to give NASA authority to carry out stratospheric ozone research, formalizing the agency’s movement into the Earth sciences.◄
  16. Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists BULLETIN OF THE ATOMIC SCIENTISTS   This organization has been around for a long time and is kind of famous. It is designed for the laymen as well as the professional person involved in the scientific community. I think they have expanded their coverage to include "destruction of human habitats from climate change". Also, they offer the comforting thought that there are "27,000 nuclear weapons in the world, 2,000 of them ready to launch in minutes".

    ►The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists informs the public about threats to the survival and development of humanity from nuclear weapons, climate change, and emerging technologies in the life sciences. Through an award-winning magazine, our online presence, and the Doomsday Clock, we reach policy leaders and audiences around the world with information and analysis about efforts to address the dangers and prevent catastrophe. With fellowships for students and awards to young journalists, we help educate the next generation. The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists was established in 1945 by scientists, engineers, and other experts who had created the atomic bomb as part of the Manhattan Project. They knew about the horrible effects of these new weapons and devoted themselves to warning the public about the consequences of using them. Those early scientists also worried about military secrecy, fearing that leaders might draw their countries into increasingly dangerous nuclear confrontations without the full consent of their citizens. In 1947, the Bulletin first displayed the Clock on its magazine cover to convey, through a simple design, the perils posed by nuclear weapons. The Clock evokes both the imagery of apocalypse (midnight) and the contemporary idiom of nuclear explosion (countdown to zero). In 1949, the Clock hand first moved to signal our assessment of world events and trends. The decision to move the minute hand is made by the Bulletin's Board of Directors in consultation with its Board of Sponsors, which includes 18 Nobel Laureates. The Clock has become a universally recognized indicator of the world's vulnerability to catastrophe from nuclear weapons, climate change, and emerging technologies in the life sciences.◄
  17. Huff Post Climate Change Page Sneak Peek HUFF POST CLIMATE CHANGE   I did not know that "The Huffington Post" carried a special climate change section which of course features only articles related to severe weather happenings. Actually, there seems to be a lot of material presented here because on my last visit to the site, they had at least 10 pages full of climate change articles, quite a bit in my opinion. For me, the link is kind of hard to find; but try clicking on the Politics link, then go to the Green link, and look to the right you will see the climate Change link, which is a sub-category, up near the top navigation bar. The Huffington Post is supposed to be an alternative to the "Drudge Report", but in my opinion it is somewhat of a copy of the Drudge Report with added pictures and expanded subject matter, and allows much commentary on the site.

    ►The Huffington Post provides regional, national, and international news in the US. Delivering news and opinion since May 9, 2005.◄
  18. Sneak Peek of THE COMING CRISIS   Here is another good website recording a lot of stuff currently happening around the world. Lots of interesting articles presented here and possibly they include items that other people miss in reporting. They have their website primarily organized into "Categories" such as this following sample (Not a complete list): ANIMAL ATTACKS ON HUMANS, MASS ANIMAL DEATHS, COMMENTARIES, COSMIC EVENTS, DISASTER FREE ZONE, EVIL PEOPLE, GERMS AND PLAGUES, SOCIETY'S COLLAPSE, WARS AND RUMOURS . . . It does not seem to be a "religious" site. No religion being advocated here as far as i can tell.

    ►The Coming Crisis is a blog that combines news, research and original writing to explore changes in our environment and civilization. We strive to be on the forefront of disaster analysis, and seek to become the headquarters of a growing community of curious and intelligent truth seekers. That's the short answer. More importantly, ask yourself the following questions: Why are so many animals dying with few or contradictory explanations? Why are earthquakes and natural disasters increasing in frequency, and why is earthquake data being censored by the USGS? Why are light formations suddenly appearing over major cities? Why are people becoming poorer by the day? What's happening in the world that we aren't being told about? No matter the excuses or burial attempts, it is evident to anyone with even a shred of curiosity that something isn't right with the world today. A dramatic increase in appearances of unknown lights in the sky, bizarre cosmic events, natural disasters tearing the world asunder, and financial and social chaos are all suggesting that mankind may be heading towards some sort of terminal or life-changing event. We don't know what that event is, and we're not here to speculate. Our goal is to investigate and seek the truth. This website was created in order to tie together a multitude of informational sources across the Internet and put them in one place so that readers can establish a connection. We will only present facts and our own thorough investigations (or attempts at investigation should we be blocked by the powers that be). We want you to read, learn, and expand your minds and the minds of others by sharing your own thoughts. Don't be afraid to comment or contribute, and if you have any inside information, stories or leads, don't hesitate to get in touch — you will receive credit for your discoveries on our website. Stay vigilant, as things are surely changing even if the majority refuse to acknowledge such change. This site is a combination of editorial platform and news aggregate drawn from mainstream, independent and alternative news sources — as well as reader contributions. We update minutely as events unfold, and often put out stories before they even break into the mainstream news. Ultimately, we strive to become the world's largest archive of news and world changing events. We basically publish three types of information:

    (1) Major newsworthy events that have direct impact upon Earth, humanity, or provide further evidence that some sort of change is coming;

    (2) Events that deserve attention but have either been ignored by the mainstream media or mentioned in passing, or are actively being buried;

    (3) Our own commentaries and questions inviting further investigation or discussion on a particular event or topic.

    The newest postings will be visible on the home page, with all previous posts being archived and categorized for viewing at your leisure. As we update the site minutely with dozens of posts in a day, be sure to click on the "next page of stories" link at the page's bottom in order to view the day's earlier posts. Note that similar pieces may be republished to follow the news cycle, or if any updates have been added to the piece; we'd like readers to be kept aware of ongoing events or situations.◄
  19. Apocadocs Book Cover APOCADOCS   This website is completely different than most dealing with the subject of global warming or climate change. They try to add a humorous twist to a very serious subject in order to hopefully reach more people about the problem. It is a quality website and they have also written a book. But, this is a good addition to my website listings.

    ►The ApocaDocs, Jim and Michael, share CEO, CFO, CIO, and out-of-pocket roles at the Project. They've been friends for 30 years. Our prime directive is to somehow have fun with the horror. We believe that unless you can (kind of) laugh at something, you can't really understand it. Also, we know that unmitigated doom & gloom shuts people's eyes — even from acknowledging the dropping guillotine(s). Michael and Jim try to jape at the vast horizon of bad news, in hopes that through the mechanism of funny, readers might actually read more about what's really happening, because . . . Amazon Best Sellers in Camera & Photo Well, it's (weirdly, kind of) funny, in a sick, horrifying, and heartbreaking way, and we need to start making it part of our everyday water-cooler patter — the news of the everyday world — so that we can have the fortitude to make the changes necessary to reclaim and repair the world. Oh, and survive. We have constructed several arenas to have that fun: (1) a news collection and commentary service (the basic browse) pertaining to the six scenarios, with punchlines; (2) an item-level quip collector, so others more funny than we can add quips; (3) the PANIQuiz, a quick, funny, and free weekly quiz about recent news; (4) educational context for each scenario, in detail, with corresponding news stories; (5) A specific DocWatch for stories that particularly break our hearts. We'll devise and present some other tools (the horrific "apoc-o-matic", the "face-o-meter" and much more) over the upcoming years. In the end, what we are trying to do with this site is promote comprehension of the depth, breadth and scope of the apocalyptic realities, by keeping it interesting. Really, we're exceedingly terrified, and want others to realize just how rapidly we're accelerating toward a cliff. But, we also try to highlight in our Recovery scenario some of the important work being done by others grappling with the horror(s), finding new solutions, and leading the way to a sustainable, just, interesting, and livable world. We hope you find our approach worthwhile, and that you spread the word to others. Come back often — the news may be bleak, but we can be the change we want to see. We can collectively begin to take notice, and make change.◄
  20. The RealClimate website sneak peek REALCLIMATE   Well, this appears to be a "no bull" fact based site which tries to present the results of their observations and measurements in a non-biased manner. No axes to grind here. Just a collection of scientists personal "in the field" observations, i guess.

    ►Welcome to RealClimate. Climate science is one of those fields where anyone, regardless of their lack of expertise or understanding, feels qualified to comment on new papers and ongoing controversies. This can be frustrating for scientists like ourselves who see agenda-driven "commentary" on the Internet and in the opinion columns of newspapers crowding out careful analysis. Many scientists participate in efforts to educate the public and to rebut or debunk rather fanciful claims or outright mis-representations by writing in popular magazines such as EOS and New Scientist or in the Comments section of journals. However, this takes time to put together, and by the time it’s out, mainstream attention has often moved elsewhere. Since these rebuttals appear in the peer-reviewed literature, these efforts (in the long run) are useful. However, a faster response would sometimes be helpful in ensuring that the context of breaking stories is more widely distributed at the time. Journalists with deadlines and scant knowledge of the field quite often do not know where to go for this context on papers that are being pushed by some of the partisan think-tanks or other interested parties. This can lead to some quite mainstream outlets inadvertently publishing some very dubious and misleading ideas. RealClimate is a commentary site on climate science by working climate scientists for the interested public and journalists. We aim to provide a quick response to developing stories and provide the context sometimes missing in mainstream commentary. In order to limit the scope to those issues where we can claim some competence, the discussion here is restricted to scientific topics. Thus we will not get involved in political or economic issues that arise when discussing climate change. The validity of scientific information is completely independent of what society decides to do (or not) about that information. Constructive comments and questions are welcome, as are guest articles from other scientists who may choose to contribute on an occasional basis.◄
  21. Fire Earth website sneak peek FIRE EARTH   This website contains tons and tons of links to all kinds of present and past catastrophic events, plus has lots of pictures to go along with articles. He indicates that he is having problems with Google and Wordpress, but it may be he is just experiencing problems with having a website that is just too large to handle, and needs to move his website and linked pages to a "Virtual Server" or "Dedicated Server", someplace that can handle the traffic and size of his website.

    ►WARNING: About 20 percent of the global population could perish by early 2016. FIRE-EARTH's population model shows mass die-offs resulting from human impact on the planet and the planetary response to the anthropogenic harm could occur by early 2016. The mass die-offs would occur randomly. Once triggered, the mass die offs would follow own momentum and dynamics. On May 15, 2011 symbolic countdown to the "worst day" in human history began . . . THE WORLD WILL NOT END in 2012! Neither FIRE-EARTH nor EDRO MODELS SHOW the WORLD ENDING in 2012; but that the FIRST PHASE of CIVIC COLLAPSE WILL HAVE OCCURRED by then. Humans continue to devour energy at a rate of 17.3 terrawatt in 2011, when maximum "safe" limit, our models show, is less than 1.9terrawatt. Anthropogenic harm to the planet reached breaking point in the late 1970s, when the energy consumption rate exceeded 9.51 terawatts (9.51E+12 joules/second). By 1980 the consumption of energy had jumped to 3.12E+20 joules, or 9.89 terawatts. WE BELIEVE the world will still be here in 2012, 2013, 2014 and beyond. However, in three years from now, it would be a far less habitable planet than it was even three years ago. Earth: Wounded and Feverish: The planet is trying to stay alive! Blog assessments are based on dynamic model simulations analyzing the environmental impact of excessive energy consumption. Moderators reject ALL END-WORLD PROPHECIES. FIRE-EARTH Mission is To inform the readers on how their impact is destroying the planet, what is the planet doing to counter the human threats and when the planet's final wave of counter-offensive would start. Earth is Fighting to Stay Alive: The human impact on the planet is exponentially increasing resulting in back-to-back major disasters globally.◄
  22. EarthSky Logo EARTHSKY   They say they are "A clear voice for science - the world's top scientists heard millions of times a day". They also feature a scientist for the day and have a wide range of articles not just on climate change, but on other topics as well and a nice clear website to view.

    ►Based in Austin, Texas, EarthSky began producing its award-winning science content in 1991. Today, EarthSky science interviews and other audio and video content are seen, heard, or read millions of times every day on multiple platforms via both broadcast and Internet outlets. EarthSky enjoys the support and partnership of thousands of scientists and scientific institutions. EarthSky has 600+ Global Science Advisors – experts in every field of study – who suggest topics, review content, and provide ongoing help. The EarthSky broadcast network consists of 1,200+ outlets across the United States and the world. Our daily audio programs are heard approximately 4 million times each day in the US alone. We know science is not perfect. It's a process, not a body of facts. History tells us that some of today's scientific truths will inevitably turn out to be wrong, or only partly true. Still, science leads to profound insights about the natural world that are as true as anything can be here at the beginning of the 21st century.◄
  23. The Arctic Sunrise Greenpeace Ship GREENPEACE   I am not advocating or advocating this organization. I am simply including it on my website as an information source. They do have a nice website with videos and pictures of things happening around the world, whether you agree with their methods & philosophy or not.

    ►Greenpeace is the largest independent direct-action environmental organization in the world. We do not take money from government or corporations. Our only bottom line is a green and peaceful future. All around the world, our oceans are in crisis. Three quarters of global fish stocks are suffering from overfishing and 90% of top marine predators are already gone. Destructive fishing practices destroy critical ocean habitats, pirate fishing harms global fish stocks and as the ocean becomes more vulnerable—it will succumb more quickly to the harmful effects of global warming. Whale slaughter continues to put endangered species at risk and pollution from land-based sources is turning the oceans into a dumping ground. Ancient forests are disappearing before our eyes. Not only does forest loss eliminate wildlife habitat and harm biodiversity, but tropical deforestation releases tons of greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. We are changing our planet in a fundamental way. Our world is hotter today than it has been in two thousand years. By the end of the century, if current trends continue, the global temperature could climb so high that the climate and weather patterns that have given rise to human civilization would be radically different. But it didn’t happen on its own. We're driving climate change by burning fossil fuels like coal and oil. In fact, coal-fired power plants are the single largest US source of global warming pollution. America's coal-burning power plants, in addition to causing climate change, are killing tens of thousands of Americans, poisoning our air and water, and making our children sick. Nuclear power is neither safe nor clean. There is no such thing as a "safe" dose of radiation and just because nuclear pollution is invisible doesn't mean it's "clean". If a meltdown were to occur, the accident could kill and injure tens of thousands of people, leaving large regions uninhabitable. And, more than 50 years after splitting the first atom, science has yet to devise a method for adequately handling long lived radioactive wastes. Toxic chemicals are all around us. In order to create the products that we use every day, companies often produce and release thousands of chemical compounds every year. Companies who use and produce these chemicals have inadequate government oversight and these dangerous chemicals are released into the environment—threatening our rivers, lakes, air, land, oceans, and ultimately ourselves and our future. Read more. The Greenpeace fleet of ships is a major tool we use in our actions to protect the environment. Our ships often sail to remote areas of the earth to go direct to the source of the environmental destruction we are working to protect against. Greenpeace takes action for ground-breaking change to protect the environment. We take our message direct to the polluters and politicians. We are steadfast in our principles and put action behind our words. For over 40 years Greenpeace has been winning campaigns to protect the environment. We do not take any money from corporations, industry or government. We are people powered, so please donate and help us win more campaigns. In 1971, motivated by their vision of a green and peaceful world, a small team of activists set sail from Vancouver, Canada in an old fishing boat. These activists, the founders of Greenpeace, believed a few individuals could make a difference.◄
  24. JPL Asteroid Watch website sneak peek ASTEROID WATCH   Well, this is a situation that seems to get worse every year for some reason, i have noticed over the years an increase in threats to the earth by asteroid assault. So, this is probably something to keep an eye on, so you can vacate your area where you are living or staying if it happens to be a target of one or more of these soon to become meteorites.

    ►In 1998, The NASA Near-Earth Object Program Office was established at JPL to coordinate NASA-sponsored efforts to detect, track and characterize potentially hazardous asteroids and comets that could approach the Earth. The primary computational activities of this office involve the continuous (and largely automatic) use of new data to update the orbits of Near-Earth objects so that their future orbital paths can be examined for close Earth approaches. If the possibility of a future close Earth approach arises, impact probabilities are computed and the circumstances of the Earth approach are noted on the SENTRY (Impact Risk) region of the ( Near-Earth Object website. When the possibility of a particularly close Earth approach is identified, JPL's computations are compared and verified with a parallel, but independent, effort in Pisa Italy called the Near-Earth Objects Dynamic Site, (NEODyS). Once verified, these events are immediately posted on the SENTRY page. At any given time, there will be several dozen Near-Earth objects on the SENTRY Web site for which a future Earth impact cannot yet be ruled out. But with additional data to improve our calculation of their orbits, the vast majority of Near-Earth Objects will be removed from SENTRY. At the same time, newly discovered objects, with orbits that require more observations, will be added to the SENTRY list so there will always be objects on the Risk Page. Although Hollywood has created some colorful methods for stopping an object that is on a collision path with Earth, no government agency, national or international, has been tasked or accepted the responsibility to stop such an asteroid, should one be discovered. But there have been a number of academic and some technical studies, not to mention numerous movies, on how a devastating asteroid impact might be avoided. Since asteroids outnumber comets 100 to 1 in the inner solar system, the asteroids, rather than comets, represent the majority of the nearer-term threat to our planet. Because of the wide range of possible sizes, trajectories and warning times for Earth-threatening asteroids, there will be a corresponding wide range in the levels of challenge in providing an appropriate response. Unless there are a few decades of warning time, hazardous asteroids larger than a few hundred meters (655 Feet) in diameter will require enormous energies to deflect or fragment. In the rare case of a large threatening asteroid, nuclear explosions that could push or fragment the object might provide a sufficient response. For the far more numerous asteroids that are smaller than a few hundred meters (655 Feet) in diameter, if we have adequate early warning of several years to a decade, a weighted robotic spacecraft could be targeted to collide with the object, thereby modifying its velocity to nudge the trajectory just enough that the Earth impact would be avoided. The spacecraft navigation technology for impacting a small body was successfully demonstrated when the Deep Impact spacecraft purposely rammed comet Tempel 1 on July 4, 2005, to scientifically examine its composition.◄
  25. Earthweek Website EARTHWEEK   This website has been in business for a long time and it is updated regularly. There is a whole lot of stuff presented here, but they feature the most significant earth changes or events during the last week on the front page, actually updated weekly i think. They refer to themselves as the "Diary of the Planet". They document general earth event news, climate change, major earthquakes, volcanic activity, tropical cyclones, solar-ozone layer, nature and wildlife, emerging diseases. This is not a "Crank" site, but honest info site.

    ►Produced by Steve Newman - Executive Editor. The print version of Earthweek premiered in the San Francisco Chronicle on January 2, 1988, and has since expanded to be published in nearly 100 newspapers worldwide. Since creating the feature more than 23 years ago, Newman has supervised the production of nearly every issue, including this Web version, which premiered in October 1995. Steve's career in reporting on science and the environment for the broadcast and print media spans more than 30 years. In addition to being a frequent contributor to ABC's Good Morning America and the Discovery Channel's Discovery News, he has written about the environment for the San Francisco Chronicle and the Los Angeles Times. In 1980, Newman established Earth Environment Service, a weather consulting company that provided forecasts and data to agricultural, insurance and media interests worldwide. Newman is designated a Certified Broadcast Meteorologist by the American Meteorological Society and is a fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society. He is also a member of the American Geophysical Union, the Union of Concerned Scientists and the National Association of Science Writers. Steve now lives in his childhood hometown of Sarasota, Florida.◄
  26. GasBuddy Website GAS BUDDY   This is a popular website that people visit who are car or truck owners. You can find local gas prices here and a national average and all kinds of gas price information. Be sure to look at their "Gas Price Heat Map" which is very cool.

    ► is a group of local websites which offer an online method for website visitors to post and view recent retail gasoline prices. Our mission is to serve the public by providing a real time gas price forum so that consumers can have access to the information necessary to locate the lowest fuel price available. By working together as a community, everyone will save money at the pumps. The web site was developed as an initiative to provide all residents and visitors to the area access to local current gas prices. This is an entirely free service that depends on users to input gas prices on a daily basis to keep the database up to date. Since the price of gas is often extremely volatile, posted gas prices may vary as much as 20% within only a few blocks of each other. By having access to the most recent prices at consumers now are able to locate the most inexpensive fuel price in the city and fill up on a budget. One of the few things that are as volatile and unpredictable as the weather is gasoline prices. With constantly rising fuel prices it has become important that consumers are able to identify the lowest priced fuel when filling up their vehicles. The GasBuddy Organization was founded by Dustin Coupal and Jason Toews as a collection of local websites designed to serve the public with everything needed for consumers to easily and freely share gas-pricing information. With the release of the first GasBuddy Organization Inc. website in June 2000 a monumental change began in the way that people shop for gasoline. Thousands of people have been regularly visiting GasBuddy Inc. websites where they post gas prices and identify the lowest priced fuel in their area - helping everyone to save money at the pumps. The GasBuddy collection of websites has rapidly grown into North America's premiere fuel prices information source. Do your part to promote competition in fuel pricing and help everyone save money on gas by posting prices to the gas price forum on a regular basis.◄
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